Paul Kane, .AC Registry Manager, selected as a Trusted Community Representative, for DNSSEC Key Management for the ROOT Zone

IANA officials give Paul Kane the tamper proof bag containing the ROOT Zone Master Key share for inspection and safe-keeping.
After 6.5 hours the first DNSSEC key for the ROOT Zone is generated and the HSM is stored away in the safe.
Paul Kane, Registry Manager of multiple ccTLDs, has been chosen from 60 candidates by ICANN to serve as a Trusted Community Representative (TCR) responsible for safe-guarding a share of the ROOT Zone's DNSSEC Recovery Key.

Only seven TCR Recovery Key Share Holders were appointed from around the world. Each TCR is a respected member of the technical Domain Name System (DNS) community. The involvement of these independent participants provides transparency of process -- a successful key ceremony is only possible if the TCRs involved are satisfied that all steps were executed accurately and correctly.

As the only representative from the United Kingdom, Paul travelled to a secure data centre location in the US to participate in the world's first DNSSEC Key Generation Ceremony for the ROOT Zone. The ROOT is the source of "all knowledge" for using the Internet's naming system.

Following the generation of the cryptographic Master Key it was split and exported to two sets of Recovery Key Shares. Two Recovery Key Shares (one from each set) were then placed in a tamper-evidence bag, one of which was handed to Paul Kane for safe keeping.

Paul Kane is also CEO of CommunityDNS, the world's second largest Anycast DNS Provider. To promote the use of DNSSEC, CDNS also provides easy to use DNSSEC tools to fellow Registries, ISPs, Registrars and Companies.


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At right: Pictures taken from the secure Data Centre, during the ROOT Zone's first DNSSEC Signing Ceremony.